Hello, thank you for your interest in Kimberley Gilley Weddings. Congratulations on your or your loved one's recent engagement. What an exciting and somewhat crazy time in your lives. Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun and excitement but also sometimes frustrating. I am here to help you with your photography services search. I know it’s takes a few minutes to read but it’s very helpful in securing quality photographic wedding services. I like to send inquiries this information regardless if I’m selected, wedding coverage is too important. Here is some helpful information on selecting a photographer for your wedding day. First let me tell you a little about us.

Kim Gilley Photography provides contemporary digital wedding photography for an elegant, timeless, and captivating take of your wedding day. The wedding day will be captured in a documentary style for most of your day with pre arranged posed portraits of your specific family groupings for a quick capture of your family portraits. One of the things that Kim Gilley photography specializes in is the amazing bride and groom portraits. On your wedding day we take a short amount of time either after a first look or after the ceremony to take some intimate and private bride and groom portraits with our creative artistic vision. This time is special and gives you a moment of pause to be with each other while we create beautiful portraits for you. This service is LOVED and cherished by our bride and grooms. Our wedding day coverage starts at $3,000 in our Keepsake Collection. Our Classic and Heirloom Collections offer longer coverage, second shooters, bridals, wall art, and luxurious heirloom albums and are some of our most requested offerings. All collections come with an engagement session that includes varying amounts of images. We would love to have a quick chat to further help you with your wants and needs for this special time.
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Here is some helpful information.

The number one thing in selecting a wedding photographer is their style of photography. I can't stress this enough. Every photographer is different and has different styles and vision. Not every photographer is a perfect match for every client. Once you have an idea of the look and style of wedding portraits then start your search for photographers that have similar looks to what you love. Be sure you look at posing and creative vision of photographer's work. When selecting this way it will ensure that you will have wedding portraits that you will love and envision. From there you go on budget and offerings.

Questions to ask:

• How many hours of coverage?
• How many images per hour of coverage? More is not always better for sure and the industry average is around 60-80 images per hour. If you have over 100 images per hour you will have so many duplicates that it will be overwhelming to look through. More is not better but make sure there is enough as well.
• Will all of the images be edited? You want a yes on this.
• Are you able to shoot natural light and flash photography? Depending on your venue's lighting this will be extremely important to know. Shooting in low light is very difficult and you will need to have someone that can do this. I recommend not having flash photography during a ceremony and most churches do not allow it. If your venue will be low light for the reception, take this into consideration.

Collections & Offerings

• Hours of coverage and album in collection? Does the collection include an engagement shoot, bridal, or bridal boudoir, etc.?
• Rehearsal dinner coverage? Do you want it, does a collection come with it, how much to add it on? (Not everyone wants this coverage.)
• Second shooter coverage? How many hours? Do you want a second shooter?
• Does the collection come with an album or coffee table book?

This can be overwhelming at first but if you look at the key things that are important to you, it will narrow things down quickly. Start with style and then investment. Read through the contract and make sure everything that is offered is listed in your contract. If they don't have a contract, I would not recommend using them. You do get what you pay for in photography but prices can reflect many different things. It's safe to say the higher the cost the more experienced they are. Some photographers who are newer to weddings will be less expensive but do not necessarily lack quality but they may also miss important details of your day. If someone is really cheap, I would question why are they are so cheap? The hours of work that go into wedding photography is on the back end and not the actual wedding day so prices should reflect that. Each hour of coverage is also hours of editing so keep that in mind when looking at price ranges for hours of coverage.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please ask if you have any questions.

Thank you for you consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Kimberley Gilley
Photographer at KGP